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Basque game ends: Ding Liren and Kosteniuk took the gold medal
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In 2016 world elite mind game chess field, the last two rounds have been accomplished and two final gold medalists have been determined. Young talented Chinese player Ding Liren performed perfectly, scored a marvelous 2-0 against leading player Tomashevsky, came over the top and took the lead ultimately. Even though he did had tough situation in last round , Ding Liren tried hard to fight back against former world champion, Ukraine player Ponomariov. As a result, Ding Liren took the gold medal with 7 points, one point ahead of Navara, Ponomariov, Tomashevsky and Mamedyarov. After a tie-break, Navara took the silver medal and Ponomariov took the bronze medal.

 MG 9010

In women's group, former world champion Kosteniuk resisted the pressure, scored two 1.5-0.5 over Chinese player Tan Zhongyi and Zhao Xue to lock the winner. In the game against Zhao Xue, Kosteniuk was once lost one piece at the first beginning , but she sticked on and got a draw game ultimately to get the valuable half point and managed to win the other game. On the other side, Dzagnidze played Mkrtchian with 1.5-0.5 to score 6.5 point overall and locked the silver medal. Russia player Gunina ranked third to take the bronze medal.

The final rankings are:


For now, all 2016 IMSA elite mind games have been accomplished and the closing ceremony has been given in the warm and friendly atmosphere. 

By: Gu Xiaobing
Tomashevsky leads in Basque day-1
IMG 9516 (2)
(Standard pose of players is to sit in middle of 2 chess boards)

In 2016 IMSA elite mind game chess field, the Basque competition has been started. Basque game has been developed for recent years and welcomed by an increasing number of professional players. Basically, it requires players to play two games simultaneously, with one black and one white but the time limit remains the same. It’s both mental and physical demanding, and besides, players must remain clear at the mind during the competition, since the switch between two games are extremely fast and other game may frequently interrupt. In time panic, players could hardly focus on both two games, which made the competition process full of excitement to watch.
During the first 3 rounds, the VIP player on men’s group was undoubtedly Tomashevsky, who won two rounds in a row to beat Wang Hao and Ponomariov with all boards triumphed. In round 3, he drawed with Navara with 1-1 and currently leading the board with 5/6, followed by Ding Liren and Navara who scored 4 / 6.
In women’s group, there are currently no player on super hot-streak mode now. Currently, Kosteniuk, Mkrtchian, Tan Zhongyi all on the top of the leaderboard with 4/6, while Krush, Dzagnidze, Gunina staying on the second with 3.5 / 6.
Tomorrow there would be the last day of chess competition, two gold medalist would be determined, please stay tuned for the latest news from official site.
Mamedov and Lagno - From Behind To The Blitz Game Gold Medal
In IMSA elite mind game chess field, the last day of the competition was undoubtedly breath-taking. The leader-board of both groups changed for few times and until the last round the victor could ultimately been determined. Mamedov from Azerbaijan took men’s blitz game gold medal, while Russia player Lagno took women blitz game gold medal. 

IMG 9380 (2)

There is a relentless battle on men’s group in Day-3 of the blitz game, since the previous leader Ding Liren and Harikrishna no longer on their hot-streak, only scored 3.0/10 and 4.0/10 individually for today. Ding Liren listed 6th with 17.5/30, while Harikrishna barely took his bronze medal by scoring 18.0/30 benefited from the tie-break. Dominguez and Wang Hao both scored 18.0/30 but the tie-break made them on 4th and 5th position. The gold medalist Mamedov scored 19.5/30 overall, benefited from two win in-a-row at round 29, and the critical triumph over Ding Liren at the very last round. His compatriot Mamedyarov supported him all the day and sent him a big hug after the decisive game. The silver medal was taken by Russia player Tomashevsky, who scored 18.5/30 overall.
IMG 9275 (2)

In women’s group, the battle of gold medal was between two Russia female player for all day long. Lagno played her A-game at Day-3, while former leader Gunina failed to resist the pressure. Her hot-streak was stopped by Poland player Socko again at round 29, which made Lagno took the breath and came over the top for the first time before the last round started. Lagno grasped her opportunity solidly with 21.5/30 points overall, leaving Gunina only took the silver medal with 20/30 points. Former world chess champion Stefannova took the bronze medal by scoring 19.5/30.

For Tomorrow, the special Basque competition would start, please stay tuned for the latest news from the official site.

The Final ranking of Blitz:



By:Gu Xiaobing
Ding Liren & Gunina Takes the lead in Blitz Game Day-2
IMG 8793 (2)
In 2016 IMSA Elite Mind Games Chess field, today round 11-20 of the blitz game has been accomplished. There is no much change of the leaderboard for men’s group, Chinese player Ding Liren and Indian Player Harikrishna stepped ahead steadily, scored 7/10 and 6.5/10 individually. Currently, Ding Liren is taking the lead with 14.5/20 scores overall, half point ahead of Harikrishna. On the other side, Mamedov scored 12.5/20 to take the third position, followed by Wang Hao and Tomashevsky who both got 12/20 points.

IMG 8631 (2) (2)

For women group, Gunina’s hot streak was stopped by Poland player Socko at round 14, then lost to Kosteniuk, Zhao Xue, Lagno and only scored 5.5/10 for today. Even though she still leading the board with 15.5/20, but other players like Lagno, who scored 7.5/10 has catch up quickly with 14.5/20 points. Stefanova and Ju Wenjun followed behind with 12.5/20 points.
Tomorrow is the final day for chess blitz games, please stay tuned to get the latest results.

By:Gu Xiaobing
Gunina Scored 10/10 on the first blitz day
IMG 8257 (2)

In 2016 IMSA Elite Minds Games, Chess players have started 3min+2sec/move blitz game competition at Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China. Chinese top seed player Ding Liren, who’s been pretty quite when playing rapid games, made some noise in today’s games and currently taking the lead with 7.5/10 scores overall. India famous player Harikrishna, even though did lose to Ding Liren in round 4, behaved pretty good afterwards and scored 7.5/10 as well and currently on second place.
Russia player Tomashevsky scored 6.5/10 at third place, followed by Sargissian Gabriel, Mamedov Rauf and Wang Hao. Since the blitz games would been playing for 30 rounds with double round-robin, it is uneasy to predict the final victorious player at now.

IMG 8256 (2)
Comparing to male’s player’s fierce competition, the female player seemingly relying more on ‘momentum’. On day-1 of the blitz game competition, Russia female player Gunina Valentina made an absolutely unbelievable record: winning ten games in a row and scored 10/10 full marks! Even though she did on some sorts of the tough position during the games, she handled the difficulty perfectly and won the games ultimately. Russia Player Lagno scored 7.0/10 and on second position currently, followed by Antoaneta Stefanova who scored 6.5/10 overall. Gunina Valentina undoubtedly was the super star for today, and many spectators would like to see if she could continue her super hot-streak in the following day. 

By:Gu Xiaobing 

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