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Tan Zhongyi takes lead with 4/4
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2016 IMSA Elite Mind Game has just kicked off today at Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China. For the rapid 20 min +10 sec/move chess competition, four rounds have been accomplished for the first day, and the men's group battled fiercely. Dominguez, Ponomariov and Wang Hao all scored 3 points out of 4 without losing one single game, climbing to the top of the leader-board. Meanwhile, Ding Liren, Mamedyarov, Wojtaszek all scored 2.5 points out of 4 to stay behind.

For Women's group, famous Chinese player Tan Zhongyi had super hot-streak and a spectacular performance helped her scored full marks, perfect triumph beating Huang Qian and Gunina playing white, as well as conquering Khotenashvil and Dzagnidze playing black. In those four game, Tan Zhongyi showed excellent skill and played undoubtedly her A-game, dominating the position from start to the end and gave her opponents absolutely no chance. The German player Paehtz scored 3.0/4 to stay at the second position, meanwhile Khotenashvili, Dzagnidze, Lagno all scored 2.5 /4.

By:Gu Xiaobing
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