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2016 IMSA Elite Mind Games starts!
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On Feb.25th, the 2016 IMSA Elite Mind Games has given its opening ceremony in Huai’an Great Hall of People, Jiangsu Province, China.
The distinguished guests include:
 IMSA president Kirsan Iyumzhinov,IMSA creator Mr.Jose Damiani,WBF president Gianarrigo Rona,Vice president of IGF Thomas Hsiang,
Tournament Director of FMJD Jacek Pawlicki, FIDE chief executive Jeffery Borg,Vice Minister of General Administration of Sport of China Feng Jianzhong,Vice-governor of People’s government of Jiangsu Province Cao Weixing,Secretary of CPC Committee of Board and Card Games Yang Jun’an,President of Chinese GO Association Wang Ru’nan,Deputy Director General of Board and Card Games Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China Chen Zelan,Secretary of the CPC Huai’an Municipal Committee Yao Xiaodong,Mayor of Huai’an Municipal People’s government Hui Jianlin.
And all athletes, team coaches and arbiters all participated in the opening ceremony.  
As the opening ceremony host, Hui Jianlin said we will strive to creating good environment, and offer first-class service to guarantee the success of this prestigious event. He also mentioned ‘we sincerely hope that the long history and tasty food of Huai’an, as well as our hospitable Huai’an citizen, could grant every participate happiness and gorgeous memory in China.’
On the following parts, Mr.Feng Jianzhong, Mr.Kisan Ilyumzhinov both gave a speech, athlete representative Wang Lin’na, as well as arbiter representative Dmitry Ballas both gave an oath.  Then Mr.Ilyumzhinov, Mr.Feng Jianzhong, Mr. Cao Weixing, Mr.Xiang Huaicheng, Mr. Yao Xiaodong staged into the field and jointly open the light of wisdom for 2016 IMSA Elites Minds Games.
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The opening ceremony ended after an spectacular performance of Chinese Opera, Monkey Show, Acrobatics, Drama and Traditional Chinese Instruments, which all earned tons of applauses. The following board game competition would then start at 2:00 PM on Feb.26, please stay tuned for the latest news. 

By:Gu Xiaobing
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