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IMSA Elite Mind Games 2016

From February 25th to March 3th, The IMSA Elite Mind Games will be held in China, Huai-an, which is the city with great long history and significant cultural influence.

This event is hosted by IMSA organization and the Sports management center of Chinese Sports General Administration, orgnized by Jiangsu Sports Bureau and Huai'an government. Jiang Su Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd., cooperate with Sports management center of Jiangsu Province Sports Bureau, Huai'an Sports Bureau.Jiangsu Sports Co., Ltd. are working hard for the promotion operation.

By then, there will be 143 players and 77 technical officers from 43 countries, participate in varieties of board games including Bridge, GO, Chess, Chinese Chess and Draughts.

Totally, there would be 23 individual events which divided into five categories.

Furthermore, there would be another well-expected solitaire game called "Guan dan", originated from Huai'an province as history records, open to international game media for the first time for exhibit purpose.

Like the saying goes, "Wisdom of the world, Gathering in Huai'an", we are ready for 2016 IMSA Elite Mind Games, are looking forward to see a marvelous opening-ceremony and spectacular game competition of all world-class elite players out here!
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